Saint TimothyTabernacle

Ortney Edwards Sr.


A man abiding in God’s word. A native of Gary, IN, born December 31, 1965, Elder Edwards, was reared in a loving home, under the tutelage of his Godly Parents and grandparents. Upon graduating from Horace Mann High School, he attended Indiana State University in Terre Haute. While at college, he met the Love of his life, Lady Leiliani Edwards. He later served in the U.S. Navy for 7 years before returning back to his home state, Indiana.  While diligently seeking the Heart of God, on Sept 9, 1990 at Williams Chapel COGIC, God saved, baptized him with the Holy Ghost and Fire. From this Experience, his life has never been the same.

Gods Calling

Called in the Ministry in 1991, and ordained in 1998, under the Late Bishop Milton Hall Sr., Elder Edwards leads a life of prayer and dedication to the work of the Lord. In 1993, the family moved to Indianapolis, where they would serve under the leadership of Pastor Willie Winfrey, at COGIC Robinson Temple. He has and continues to serve in several capacities within the church on the Local to jurisdictional level. In 2008, he was appointed by the Late Bishop Mark H. Blade, as the Jurisdictional President for the Young Men’s Christian Council. Upon the Transition of leadership, Bishop Carl J. Steen Jr reappointed Elder Edwards to continue in the work of Men’s Ministry. Elder Edwards is a passionate leader in the growth and development of Men’s ministry within the state of Indiana. Under his years of service he continues to implement programs within men’s ministry to empower men to be better in their homes, Churches and communities.


In November 2019, he was installed as Pastor of St. Timothy Tabernacle COGIC, where he delicately serves the flock of God. Like the Prophet Nehemiah, Pastor Edwards along with his wife came in continuing to build on a sure foundation. During his leadership he has reestablished several areas within the life of the church, organized online/social media presence and completed several external/internal projects to preserve the current edifice. During this time of Pandemic, They have spiritually feed the people of God, while Pastor Edwards would encourage the congregation, “Don’t Panic, but Pray!”

Pastor and Lady Edwards are blessed with one daughter, Sis. Sierra Edwards and two sons, Elder Julian and Elder Ortney Jr., who all are saved, love God, and work with them in ministry.