Saint TimothyTabernacle

Leiliani A. Edwards

First Lady

Lady Leiliani A. Edwards is an anointed woman of God, full of wisdom, who encourages many people to live holy, and to fulfill their destiny in God. A Native of Indianapolis, IN, Lady Edwards was educated in the Indianapolis Public Schools System, graduating from John Marshall High School. She attended Indiana State University, where she met the love of her life, Elder Ortney Edwards Sr.

Personal Testimony

On September 9, 1990, at Williams Chapel COGIC, in Gary, Indiana, a Life changing experience took place in both of their lives. They both accepted Christ as their personal Savior. That night, Elder Ortney received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. One month later, Evangelist Leiliani, received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost. They immediately began working in the church, remaining faithful to God and His word. Elder & Missionary Edwards began working in the ministry, witnessing, praying, and fasting for many individuals. Because of their lives, many people are saved, healed, and delivered through the power of the Holy Spirit.

In 1993, the Family moved from Illinois, to Indianapolis, Indiana, where they currently reside. Elder and Missionary Edwards, along with their family, were dedicated members at COGIC Robinson Temple, under the Leadership of Pastor Willie D. Winfrey.


Evangelist Leiliani Edwards is a Licensed Evangelist Missionary in the Church of God in Christ and has served in several capacities throughout her 25 years of ministry.

Through God’s Divine Plan, in 2019, God placed and planted Pastor and Lady Edwards at St. Timothy Tabernacle COGIC, where they serve God’s people. She is The First Lady and serves Coordinator of the Women’s Department at St. Timothy Tabernacle. She also serves as District Missionary of the Wayne K Glynn Memorial District, under the leadership of Supt. John Smith. From working with at- risk children, to caring for the needs of seniors, Missionary Edwards displays the Love of God in Her community. From all walks of Life, many have been blessed and touch.

Pastor Ortney Sr. & Evangelist Leiliani Edwards are blessed with one Daughter; Sis. Sierra and two sons; Elder Julian and Elder. Ortney Jr., who all are saved, love the Lord, and work with them in the ministry.